Erin | Craggy Garden Bridals | Asheville Wedding Photographer

Erin is the kind of bride who will climb in the tree you're looking at before you can even begin to mention it. Erin & her mom picked me up outside of their gallery in Spartanburg and we made our way up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. (My heart!) We talked about how she and Lucas didn't have honeymoon plans yet and what kind of dogs we each had. As we got there I was even more sure Erin and I were meant to work together as she trusted me completely. She climbed rocks in blue suede shoes, stood behind a bathroom because 'it's pretty' and didn't mind that it looked like the sky might open and pour buckets at any moment. Erin, you're a dream and a friend of mine! Your bubbly spirit and giggles were icing on the cake during our session and it couldn't have gone better! Thank you for letting me shoot these for you. (P.s. I had to include a photo of Erin and her Mama at the bottom!!!)